Nowadays, purity has become a very big topic in food and if you want to buy any food item, then you have a lot of difficulty in choosing a good quality item and a good brand from them and sometimes If you accidentally buy some bad stuff and if the food and drink are bad then it can be very bad on your health too.

That is why we have brought for you very good quality tea, which you will find very easily in all the ration shops or e-commerce websites of India and we have learned the good quality of tea by using many tea brands in this research for you. And then from among them, we have chosen some good quality tea for you, which you can buy and enjoy for your morning or evening tea.

Now we are giving you some important information. If tea is made without mixing milk and sugar, it is called black tea. Drinking black tea is the healthiest but those who have acidity problems should not drink black tea.

Now if we talk about tea bags, which are also called instant tea, tea bags are usually made from the fine pieces of tea during the process of tea.

Tea is considered the best and beneficial green tea because it contains a lot of good antioxidants which are very helpful to work the damage to the body with increasing age and also protect your body from many diseases. Is kept.

    Best Brands of Tea in India

    1. Tata Tea
    2. Brooke Bond Tea
    3. Wagh Bakri Tea
    4. Tetley Tea
    5. Lipton Tea
    6. Society Tea
    7. Tulsi Tea
    8. Pataka Tea

    Our Top Picks

    Best Health

    #1 Tata Tea Gold
    Most Trusted Brand + Good Health + Active Body + Mind Fresh in Morning + Longleafs + Superior Quality Tea + Taste with Health + Help Eliminate Cold Cough

    Best Active

    #2 Tata Premium Tea
    Easy Drink in Hot Season + Badii & Choti Patti + Strong Tea + Better For Sleep + Perfectly Mix with Milk + Most Beneficial Tea + You Can Drink During Periods

    Best Ayurvedic

    #3 Red Label Tea
    Help to Increase Immunity + Rich in Taste + High-Quality Tea Brand + Tea will Help You Get Better Skin + Will taste good without milk

    10 Best Tea For Health in India 2020

    1. Tata Tea Gold

    Tata Tea Gold
    • These gently rolled 15% longleaf, open up in boiling water to release a superior aroma.
    • Tata Tea Gold - A perfect tea, beyond compare.
    • Tata Tea tapped into this rich insight and developed Tata Tea Gold. Its uniqueness lies in the superior balance it maintains between strength and aroma, which is produced by mixing CTC granules with gently-rolled 15% longer leaves.
    • The most premium offering from Tata Tea’s portfolio was launched in 2003 as a superior variant on the ‘aroma’ platform. 
    • While the practice of mixing CTC (Crushed, Tear, Curl) granules with long leaves.
    • An exquisite tea that combines the rich fullness of the fine, valley grown teas with the perfect aroma of long leaves from high grown regions.

    2. Tata Premium Tea

    Tata Premium Tea

    • The flagship brand of Tata Global Beverages Limited, Tata Tea pioneered the packet tea revolution in India in 1985, bringing teas fresh from the garden directly to consumers in poly packs.
    • As the portfolio began to increase, the Tata Tea brand was renamed as Tata Tea Premium in 2004.
    • Tata Tea Premium is India's No. 1 branded tea, in terms of volume as well as the value.
    • It is approximately 25% larger than the 2nd largest brand in the country.
    • A unique blend of Badi Patti and Choti Patti.
    • Enjoy the perfect balance of large tea grains that make your tea tasty and small tea grains that make your tea strong.
    • Crafted with over 30 years of Tata Tea's expertise.
    • Sourced from Assam tea gardens.
    • Tata Tea Premium re-launched with a new identity and positioning combined with rational and emotional communication through the badi patti, Chotti Patti.
    • She brings about this change in a harmonious manner, just like the harmonious blend of badi patti and Choti patti in Tata Tea Premium.

    3. Red Label Tea

    Red Label Tea
    • Perfect Color and Aroma
    • Made with the Finest Tea Leaves
    • Irresistible Taste
    • Enjoy warm conversations over tea
    • High-quality blend of tea rich in taste.
    • The taste of Brooke Bond Red Label tea helps you spread warmth and cheer in your family.
    • Brews togetherness by bringing people together over a tasty cup of tea made with your love and warmth. The red label stands for Swad Apnepan Ka.
    • Understanding your need for uncompromising consistent quality to delight your senses.
    • Brooke Bond Red Label stands for making the world a more welcoming place.
    • Has strength, rich color, and refreshing taste. Also, comes with the Red Label promise of great quality.
    • Taste of togetherness

    4. Tata Agni Leaf Tea

    Tata Agni Leaf Tea
    • Tata Tea Agni is a superior blend of Assam tea along with 10% extra-long leaves to give you a strong taste.
    • Tata Tea Agni gives price-sensitive consumers strong tea with extra strong leaves.
    • Tata tea Agni with its flawless strength, taste, and color makes the perfect cup of tea to liven up your day.
    • Agni is one of the largest brands in Tata Tea’s extensive portfolio, with a presence across more than 22 Indian states.
    • Agni was first launched as a product targeted at the price-sensitive consumer, specifically the ones who aspired to shift from loose to branded tea.

    5. Vedaka Premium Tea

    Vedaka Premium Tea

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    • A fine blend of high-quality tea leaves sourced from Assam, Dooras, and Nilgiris.
    • Vedaka regular tea for a refreshing tea-drinking experience.
    • Carefully blended from high quality from tea leaves.
    • Ideal for making a tea of your choice - masala tea, ginger tea, Sulaimani tea, and more.
    • Can be served with or without milk.
    • Enjoy refreshing and aromatic tea with every sip of Vedaka Premium Tea.
    • Carefully blended CTC tea made from high quality from tea leaves sources from the foothills of Assam. Enjoy a refreshing cup of Vedaka Premium to start your day right.

    6. Wagh Bakri Premium Leaf Tea

    Wagh Bakri Premium Leaf Tea

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    • This tea is an undisputed leader in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. It is now a preferred choice of consumers in Delhi, Maharashtra, Goa, Chhattisgarh, and Andhra Pradesh.
    • The tea is made of fine quality tea leaves specially handpicked from selected quality gardens. The brand offers region-specific blends for supreme consumer satisfaction.
    • Wagh Bakri Fanning Tea is a blend cut between Leaf and Dust. It gives strong taste, bright color, and more cupping.
    • Wagh Bakri Dust Tea offers strong taste, deep color, and more cupping.
    • National brand
    • Ensures a strong taste
    • There is nothing better than starting your day with a cup of hot Wagh Bakri tea.
    • Made from tea leaves that have been procured from the best tea gardens of India, the tea, leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to go conquer the world.
    • Trust, Tradition, History, Heritage - Taste all this in a cup of Tea. Handpicked from the best tea gardens. Ensures a strong taste.

    7. Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea

    Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea

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    • A perfect combination of strength and flavor that leaves you saying WAH TAJ!
    • The same great taste of the Taj Mahal now in a new pack.
    • Unique flavor lock vacuum-sealed pack to keep the tea fresh.
    • Every Taj Mahal cup is created by tasting 1000s of teas then graded and blended to perfection.
    • Taj Mahal Teas are Tasted, graded, and perfectly blended at the Brooke bond Tea Excellence Centre.
    • Taj Mahal tea comes in a Unique Flavor Lock pack.
    • A cup of Taj Mahal tea invites you to cheer your senses.
    • The perfect balance of strength and flavor.
    • Also available in Teabags

    8. Society Leaf Tea

    Society Leaf Tea

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    • Truly, tea as it should be. Strong, robust, and packed with flavor beyond all reckoning, Society Tea delivers with this blend yet again.
    • Taken either with milk or with lemon, this brew is sure to get you feeling energized and revitalized, ready to take on new challenges, through the course of the day.
    • Pure Aroma
    • Blend, Brew, Taste
    • Refreshing Tea

    9. Tea Valley Utsah Dumdaar Tea

    Tea Valley Utsah Dumdaar Tea

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    • This tantalizing tea hails from the foothills of the Himalayas, a region known as the Dooars meaning Doors, producing one of the maltiest varieties of tea renowned around the world.
    • Tea Valley Utsah has been conceived by thoughtfully blending the best of Dooars CTC tea.
    • Tea Valley Utsah is a bright, smooth, and full-bodied brew that carries a rejuvenating and refreshing experience in every sip you take. Tea Valley Utsah with its delightful strong taste mesmerizes your soul.
    • Blending the best of Dooars CTC Teas
    • Enriched with Long Leaf

    10. Tea Valley 100% Assam Tea

    Tea Valley 100% Assam Tea

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    • The Tea Valley Original is a blend of 100% Assam Tea, enriched with aromatic, orthodox longleaf, and the finest crème la crème of CTC teas grown in the valley.
    • The Tea Valley Original offers the malty thickness of ‘good’ Assam CTC, delivering a truly joyful tea drinking experience. It is our signature offering for tea connoisseurs and is available in two exclusive SKUs.
    • A selection of and blend of Assam tea enriched with aromatic orthodox longleaf and the finest creme de la creme of CTC teas grown in the valley.
    • The Tea Valley Original is the ideal beverage for avid tea drinkers.
    • You get the best flavor along with the maltiness/ thickness of "Good" Assam CTC and enjoy a truly tea drinking experience.
    • Perfect Blend of Assam & Dooars
    • 100% Orignal Assam Tea with Aromatic Long Leaf
    • Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
    • Perfect Taste, Perfect Tea, beyond compare
    • Classic morning tea that helps kickstart your day
    • Weight: 500 g

    Tea - Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is tea bad for health?

    If you drink more than once or twice a day tea mixed with milk or sugar, then tea can be harmful to you, but if you make tea without milk or sugar and drink it only once a day, then you will benefit Won't harm.

    2. What are the side effects of drinking milk tea?

    If you drink milk tea very often then you may have to face all these problems such as stomach bloating, nutritional deficiency, stress, and anxiety.

    3. What happens if you drink black tea every day?

    Black tea is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis if black tea is consumed in daily quantity, it is very safe and beneficial for the body, but if you drink four or five cups of this black tea in the same day, then it is in your body. You can also get damaged due to which you may get a bad effect like headaches, fast breathing, difficulty sleeping, etc.

    4. Is tea better than coffee?

    Coffee is more caffeine than tea and caffeine work to increase energy immediately, so tea is better for ordinary people than coffee, and for those who do gym or exercise, coffee is better.

    5. Does tea burn belly fat?

    Yes, tea can reduce your fatness, but if you take care of these things, then you have to drink only green tea, black tea, or tea without milk and sugar because adding milk and sugar greatly increases the calories of tea.

    Health Benefits of Tea

    Now what can we say about tea, this tea has been added in our life in such a way that now we cannot overcome it even by wishing it.

    Tea is beneficial for our body many times more than it is harmful to our body, but it will happen when we make small amounts of sugar by using less and drink tea only once or twice a day.

    1. Those who have heart disease benefit from consuming tea because it helps a lot in strengthening their heart.
    2. Everyone wants to stay young, if you want this too, then start drinking tea because tea has anti-oxidants which protect your body from pollution, so it keeps your body young.
    3. Even if you have pain in your bones, you can still eat tea because tea contains milk and milk provides calcium to your bones, which keeps your bones strong.
    4. If you have been troubled by yellow teeth or bad smell of the mouth, then after drinking tea, all these problems can be easily overcome.
    5. Tea also removes the problem of water scarcity in our body because tea helps to keep our body hydrated, so tea is very important for our body while drinking more urine than coffee drinks does not last long in the body.
    6. Despite trying too much, many people do not lose their body weight because the metabolism of the body increases, but if you make black tea without adding milk and sugar and drink it, it increases your calorie-burning rate. After consuming tea, if you walked or ran for at least half an hour in the day, by doing this, your obesity will gradually reduce easily.

    Types of Tea

    Black Tea

    This tea is also known as red tea by many people. It is one of the most popular tea flavors that is completely oxidized. It is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. Black tea is produced in many states. In the name of Assam, Darjeeling, Nilgiri, and its flavors, it is full-bodied and strong, and black tea is also of a variety such as Ceylon tea, Darjeeling tea, Golden Monkey tea, and Keemun tea.

    Green Tea

    People from all over the world like to drink this green tea and it is unoxidized. Camellia sinensis leaves are also used to make this tea. Drinking green tea can eliminate a lot of diseases of our body because it There is a lot of good quality tea if we talk about some of its varieties, then their names are matcha tea, gunpowder green tea, and dragon well tea.

    White Tea

    This white tea has a higher antioxidant content than black tea and green tea, it also has the power to keep your skin youthful while reducing fat and also helps in curing heart disease. This white tea helps in lowering blood pressure and keeping the heart-healthy. This tea also helps in preventing gum and tooth decay.

    Rooibos Tea

    Many of you will know about this tea, if you are troubled by asthma or skin related disease then you must drink Rooibos tea and this tea also cures those people who are easily cured. Hypertension is a disease and this tea helps a lot in keeping the energy in your body always high.

    Herbal Tea

    You can make this herbal tea in your home as well, so this tea is made from different types of plants like flowers, roots, and seeds, all you need is herbs and hot water to make herbal tea and Then in 10 to 15 minutes tea is prepared and if you smell bad mouth or if you have frequent colds or fever, then drink tea made from tulsi, it is a herbal tea.

    Oolong Tea

    This oolong tea contains a lot of antioxidants and caffeine which is beneficial for our nerves as well as keeps our body healthy. People of China have been using this ancient tea for a long time if you too If you have diabetes problem, then drink this oolong tea continuously for 30 days, then your blood sugar level will decrease and always your sugar control, your body will also become very healthy.

    Ayurvedic Tea

    You will be well aware of the Ayurvedic things that there are no side effects, if you also want to drink tea made with organic herbs, then we are telling you a way to make all the herbs in your home You can make good tea by collecting them. Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Bhafsha, Dry Rose, Red Sandalwood, White Sandalwood, Fennel Seeds, Licorice, Green Cardamom, Arjuna Bark, Dalchini, Tej Patta, Black Pepper, Agya Ghas, Dry Gingers, Dry Lotus, Cloves, Kulanjan, Nagarmotha, Jaifal, Black Cardamom. Grind all these and keep its powder in a box. If you want to make tea anytime, then you can make tea by adding this powder.

    Green Tea vs Black Tea

    Green tea and black tea are prepared from one plant, only the method of preparing both is different.

    Green Tea - We often keep listening to the benefits of green tea, because in fact, green tea has a lot of nutritional value, which makes our immune system more powerful so that our body becomes stronger to fight against various diseases and Let us tell you that if you have gained a lot of weight and you have adopted many ways to lose weight, then according to us you should consume green tea which will reduce your weight a lot. Can easily reduce up to one and a half kilos of weight in a week.

    Black Tea - Black tea has many benefits, such as black tea is very helpful in keeping the mind of those who do brain work, if you have problems with hair loss and hair is not getting bad then you can drink black tea or You can also wash your hair with black tea and black tea is also very helpful in clearing and strengthening your teeth and most of all black tea is drunk to reduce fat.

    Hot Tea vs Iced Tea

    Tea is the most preferred drink around the world, its miraculous effects turn stress and dull days into energy.

    Hot Tea - Some people like to drink hot tea in the morning of the day whether it is hot or cold and some people like to drink a cup of hot tea after coming from the office and be careful if you like to drink too much hot tea. Because drinking hot tea can increase the risk of cancer.

    Iced Tea - In the summer season, most people like to drink iced tea. Iced tea contains elements that help in healing the wounds of our body very quickly and apart from this, iced tea also works to keep our metabolism healthy, but more Drinking iced tea has a brown effect on the health of your kidneys. Drinking too much-iced tea causes a type of calcium accumulation in the body which causes great harm to our kidneys.

    Loose Leaf vs Tea Bags

    Some people will be using loose leaf and some people will be using tea bags. Let us tell you that there are some advantages and disadvantages.

    Loose Leaf - Loose leaf tea greatly benefits your health and is also very good in taste, the quality of the leaves they contain is very high and you can use a leaf many times if you like, it can give you a real aroma and Taste combines and is much more refreshing than tea bags.

    Tea Bags - Tea bags are easy to make but they are not so good in taste compared to loose leaf tea. Teabags are much more convenient for you, you only have to mix it with milk or water and your tea is ready. And the bleached paper material that these tea bags are packed with greatly affects the taste of tea.

    Tea of India

    In India, a lot of people like to drink tea in the morning and evening, or after coming from work, then we are going to tell you about the states that produce tea in India.


    We must have heard the name of Assam many times, where the highest quantity of tea is produced there, then let us tell you that in Assam, tea is grown in Gatoonga.

    Himachal Pradesh

    This state is very much surrounded by mountains and its darang has been producing tea for the last 150 years and it is one of the best tea gardens in India.

    Tamil Nadu

    Tea in Tamil Nadu is grown in kolukkumalai, which is 9,900 feet above the sea and it also attracts a very attractive place to see and this place was executed in 1930.


    Tea is made organically in khelaghar in this state of Karnataka and the place where tea is grown is very beautiful, spread over 1500 acres, which was made 70 years ago, this place is a major tourist destination for tea enthusiasts.

    West Bengal

    It is a place of tourist attraction where tea growing is done in cooch behar and this state is very close to nature and is a very beautiful part of India.

    Tea Recipe

    Here we have told you about the best method of tea which you can make in your home and enjoy tea in the morning or evening.

    Tulsi Tea

    Tulsi Tea

    Tulsi tea is so beneficial for our body that it can easily protect us from many new diseases and it also increases our immune system greatly and if we get tired of office and drink this tea Even then, it also reduces problems like headaches and stress.

    So let us now tell you about how to make Tulsi tea.

    Ingredients (2 Cups)
    1/3 Cup Tulsi Leaf
    3 1/4tsp Lemon Juice

    How to make Tulsi Tea?
    Step 1: You put 8 to 10 tulsi leaves in the water and then boil for a few seconds. Now you have to reduce the flame and cover with a lid for 5 minutes.

    Step 2: Now you have to add lemon juice to tea, then after this, you can drink tulsi tea made by you.

    Honey Lemon Tea

    Honey Lemon Tea

    You can take lemon tea in case of fever or cough, and even if you want to lose weight, this tea will benefit you a lot and in this method, we have used honey instead of sugar.

    So let us now tell you that you can easily make honey tea in your home.

    Ingredients (2 Cups)
    1 1/3tsp Lemon Juice
    1/3tsp Tea Powder
    2/3tsp Honey

    How to make honey lemon tea?
    Step 1: First boil the water in a bowl.
    Step 2: Then after adding the tea powder, mix it well for 2 minutes on medium heat.
    Step 3: Then after that, you put the tea in another bowl.
    Step 4: Now you have to mix the tea well with lemon juice and honey.
    Step 5: Your honey lemon tea is ready, now you can drink the tea immediately after serving.

    Masala Tea / Masala Chai

    Masala Tea / Masala Chai

    Tea shop in India is crowded all the time and everyone enjoys roadside tea, especially masala tea which is always in demand.

    So, now we are going to tell you how to make this masala tea.

    In this, we have told you everything according to two cups of tea, if you want to make more or fewer cups of tea, then you can add or reduce the ingredients.

    Ingredients (2 Cups)
    1/8tsp Tea Masala
    1/2tbsp Tea Powder
    1 1/8tbsp Sugar
    1/2 piece Lemongrass, Each cut into 50mm
    1/8tsp Crushed Ginger
    1/2 Cup Milk

    How to make masala tea?
    Step 1: To make masala tea, you have to take water according to the cups.
    Step 2: Then after that, you add tea powder and sugar according to your taste.
    Step 3: Now you have to mix lemongrass as well.
    Step 4: Then you add the crushed ginger and mix it well in the tea.
    Step 5: Now you have to boil everything for 2 minutes on medium heat.
    Step 6: After adding the milk, all the things have to be mixed again for 4 to 5 minutes on low heat.
    Step 7: Now you can drink your masala tea.

    Kashmiri Tea / Kashmiri Kahwa

    Kashmiri Tea / Kashmiri Kahwa

    Kashmiri Khava is a very flavored tea, after drinking it, your heart will be happy, this tea looks very good in winter and this tea is not made like ordinary tea.

    So let us now tell you that you can easily make Kashmiri Khava at your home.

    Ingredients (2 Cups)
    4tsp Kashmiri Green Tea Leafs
    1/2tsp Kesar
    1 Small Piece Dalchini
    2 Elaichi
    2 Cloves
    2tbsp Sugar
    1/4 Cup Finely Chapped Almonds

    How to make Kashmiri tea / Kashmiri kahwa?
    Step 1: You have to add dalchini to the water after heating it.
    Step 2: Now after adding elaichi, cloves, and sugar, mix everything well on a medium flame for 3 to 4 minutes.
    Step 3: While the Kashmiri Kahwa is boiling in water, then you have to take kesar in a small bowl.
    Step 4: Now in the same small bowl, mix 1tbsp warm water with the kesar and mix well.
    Step 5: After 6 minutes put the Kashmiri green tea leaf on low heat, then mix well for 2 to 3 minutes.
    Step 6: Now pour kesar and hot water into the tea, which is made separately in a bowl.
    Step 7: Now you have to mix the almonds in Kashmiri kahawa for about 1 minute.
    Step 8: Take your Kashmiri kahawa ready, now all you have to do is to put kesar on top.

    Elaichi Tea

    Elaichi Tea

    Tea in India is a beverage that is drunk in all seasons and in winter you have to provide some warmth to your body, then you can drink hot elaichi tea which provides energy to your body.

    So, now you will know that you can make elaichi tea very easily anywhere.

    Ingredients (2 Cups)
    1 1/2tbsp Tea Leaves
    2 1/2tbsp Sugar
    3 Crushed Cardamom (elaichi)
    1 Cup Milk

    How to make elaichi tea?
    Step 1: Boil the tea leaves, sugar, and Cardamom together with water on a medium flame for 3 minutes.
    Step 2: Then after pouring the milk in the tea, you have to boil it well for 3 to 4 minutes.
    Step 3: Your Cardamom tea is ready, now you can drink the tea with great taste.


    I hope that you have read and understood all the information related to all the tea given above, in which we have told you a lot about the best tea available in India and how many types of tea are there.

    If you like our good quality tea, then you can buy it online or from a shop near your home, it depends on you.

    If you have any question, then you will comment below, I will surely answer your question.

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