Updated: 20/February/2020

Our Top Casserole Cookware

◆ ◆ Best Glass Lid ◆ ◆

#1 Stainless Steel Set Casserole with Glass Lid
Toughened Glass Lid + Functional Lid For Easy Use + Silver Colour + Stainless Steel Material + 12-Month Warranty

◆ ◆ Best Plastic ◆ ◆

#2 Princeware Solar Plastic Casserole Set
Stainless Steel Inner Body + Elegant Look + Pink Colour + Plastic Material

◆ ◆ Best Durable ◆ ◆

#3 Milton Orchid Casserole
High-Grade Durable Material + Food Hot For Long Hours + Green Colour + Plastic Material

5 Best Casserole Cookware For Roti in India

1. Stainless Steel Set Casserole with Glass Lid, Set of 3

Stainless Steel Set Casserole with Glass Lid
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🍲 Set of 3 multipurpose insulated containers to keep your food hot.
🍲 Designed with an inner stainless steel container.
🍲 Keeps your food hot for long hours, Keeps food hot for hours.
🍲 Toughened glass lid with steel ring.
🍲 Simple and functional lid for easy use.
🍲 Colour: Silver
🍲 Material: Stainless Steel and Toughened Glass
🍲 Warranty Information: 12-months warranty.
🍲 Contemporary brushed-steel finish and 100% rust-resistant.
🍲 Functional Lid - The leak-proof lid of the casserole has a snug fit that does not allow the heat to escape.
🍲 3 Different Sizes - The set has three insulated casseroles of three different sizes - 570 ml, 1,220 ml, and 1,950 ml.
🍲 Easy to Clean and Maintain - Both the stainless steel body and the toughened glass lid are easy to clean and wash.
🍲 Toughened Glass Lid with Steel Ring - The casserole has a transparent toughened glass lid that is resistant to thermal breakage.
🍲 Stainless Steel Interior - The inner side of this insulated casserole has a stainless steel construction that is non-toxic and easy to clean.

Princeware Solar Plastic Casserole Set, 3-Pieces
🍲 Versatile set of insulated casseroles for everyday use.
🍲 Dishwasher Safe: Yes
🍲 It helps retains the flavor and temperature of stored food for hours.
🍲 Different sizes of casseroles help in storing a wide variety of food.
🍲 Made from premium quality food-grade plastic.
🍲 Stainless steel inner body
🍲 Features an elegant look for your dining table.
🍲 Perfect gifting option for your loved ones.
🍲 Colour: Pink, Material: Plastic
🍲 Keep your food fresh and warm with the Princeware Solar Plastic Casserole Set. 
🍲 Available in a set of three casseroles with capacities of 600 ml, 1,000 ml, and 1,500 ml, store your cooked meals such as curries, dal, rice, sabzis and more and enjoy them later without loss of taste or nutrition.
🍲 Made from high-quality plastic and durable stainless steel, the Princeware Solar Plastic Casserole Set will keep your food free from contamination, making it safe and hygienic.
🍲 Featuring a highly aesthetic design and available in an attractive pink color combination, the Princeware Solar Plastic Casserole Set can enhance the overall look of your kitchen and dining décor.

Milton Orchid Casserole, 1.5 liters
🍲 Made from high-grade durable material
🍲 Keeps your food hot for long hours
🍲 Simple and functional lid for easy use
🍲 Colour: Green, Material: Plastic
🍲 Inner stainless steel container helps retain temperature and freshness of food.
🍲 This stylish Milton Orchid insulated casserole comes with sufficient capacity to store foods for a small to medium-sized family. The 1500ml space allows you to store adequate food for at least two to three people.
🍲 Simple and Functional Lid - The leak-proof lid of the casserole has a snug fit that does not allow the heat to escape. The lid needs to be twisted sideways for quick and easy access during a meal. It is also very easy to grip.
🍲 Retains Heat for Long Duration - The inside of the casserole has a stainless steel construction, while the outer covering is insulated plastic. The steel body heats up easily while the insulated plastic outer body, being a non-conductor of heat, does not let the heat escape.

Jaypee Glasserol Set Black, Set of 3 Casserole
🍲 Casserole set is made up of food-grade plastic materials & stainless steel inside with a thick PUR insulation which keeps the food warm for longer hours & retains the flavor and temperature of stored food.
🍲 Different sizes of casseroles make it usable for serving multi cuisine in varying portions.
🍲 Made from premium quality plastic materials, the break-resistant Knob, the transparent unbreakable glass lid & a safety hole in the glass lid not only makes it antilock, but it also lets out the aroma.
🍲 The chrome-plated panel makes this set of three casseroles beautiful & enhances your serving experience. It’s also good for gifting purposes.

Warmer Steam Stainless Steel Insulated Casserole, 3Pcs Set
🍲 Material - Stainless Steel
🍲 Shape - Round
🍲 Colour - Silver
🍲 Capacity - 1000ml+1500ml+2500ml, 3Pcs Set
🍲 High-Quality Stainless Steel Casserole Made Of 201 Grade Stainless Steel Utensil Material.
🍲 Stainless Steel Material Used Is Non-Magnetic, Non-Toxic And Free Of Any Harmful Coating.
🍲 Easy Locking System Is Installed In The Lid Which Has A Sturdy Steel Handle To Make Sure The Food Inside Remains Steaming Hot.
🍲 Strong Safe & Healthy Double Walled Insulation With Unique Design, Unique Pushing & Locking System To Stay The Food Hot & Cold For a Long Time.

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